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Get Ready for a Thrilling Challenge with Contra: Shattered Soldier PS2 ISO Torrent

I couldnt resist writing a whole review about Shattered Soldier, but I think that a lot of people arent going to know that it exists if they dont already have it. Not even the people that love Contra are going to be aware of this game. On this page, we provide a link to the torrent Contra: Shattered Soldier. But to download it, you'll need to visit the file hosting websites Get Faster, Uploaded, 4shared, File Arena, Extabit and SendSpace. All of them have excellent anti-virus software and are very reliable. So, if you want to download Contra: Shattered Soldier without registering, you'll need to use these free download sites.

contra shattered soldier ps2 iso torrent

One of the best ways to find Contra: Shattered Soldier downloads is to search in the blog-like site Second Life. This is a virtual world where participants, or residents as they call it, can build and create using a variety of 3D objects and set up shops where people can buy these products and interact with other people using the Second Life client or World Wide Web interface.

Yes, ladies and gents. It's Contra time once again! There's no doubt that the game looks a bit like the original Contra. Contra, the original NES game, with the nuclear hell in the background. Contra Shattered Soldier has the same classic game feel. Go through the levels, shoot shit in the air. Purge the aliens from the map. When you're at a red level, it's time to run and shoot. Toss in the top-notch controls and you have yourself a good game. Good battles with a fun story. And free DLC! You can't go wrong here.

The only complaints I have of this game is that the story and characters were mostly blank slates. While the games are a bit weak, they do set an entire genre's standard on what to expect in a good Contra game. The fact that they set the tone and standard for the genre to expect is one of its own merits. While you can feel bad about them, you can't hate them because they were the foundation of one of the greatest game series of all time.


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