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[S9E9] Thunder Away _VERIFIED_

The opening scene from Lethal Weapon 6 plays. An old shamanic priestess is dancing and chanting during a thunderstorm. Chief Lazarus (Frank) rises from his grave and is welcomed back from the dead by the priestess. Lazarus swears revenge on Murtaugh and Riggs.

[S9E9] Thunder Away

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At the wedding, Riggs is performing a saxophone solo in lieu of vows. As the priest (Artemis) asks whether anyone has any objections to the wedding, Riggs announces that he does, as he feels he must obtain the blessing of Murtaugh, who has been watching from afar. As Riggs steps away, the wedding cellist (Charlie) is revealed to be one of Lazarus' goons, the brother of the "weird danish twin" killed by Riggs in Lethal Weapon 5. The goon triggers a bomb which blows Rianne up, showering the wedding guests with giblets. 041b061a72


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