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Buy Single Pearl

Our Loose Pearls are used primarily as jewelry centerpieces, but you can also use them to create custom fashion pieces, to enrich accessories such as handbags, clutches, or belts, or in a wide variety of home décor projects. Their larger size, as well as their remarkable luster, make them the highlight of any piece of jewelry, from pearl dangle earrings to single pearl necklaces and statement rings.

buy single pearl

This necklace features one, gorgeously single, cultured pearl. Choose your chain! We can make this necklace in sterling silver, 14K white or yellow gold chain or 14k gold-fill. Gold-fill is similar to gold plating. So, it has the look of gold without the high price.

We created these single pearl necklaces as a Hope Pearl Necklace, a symbol of hope for young children battling Leukemia and Lymphoma. We were proud to raise $1150 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society when we first launched these. These necklaces were so popular as both a symbol of hope and our fundraising efforts but also as simple, beautiful pearl necklace that we decided to continue selling these necklaces.

Pearl Girls have numerous options when it comes to buying and enjoying their Single Pearl Necklace. First, for petite women, children or women who love delicate necklaces and small pearls, the small (5mm) pearl is perfect.

I know that when it comes to pearls, you have options! Which is why I am so incredibly appreciative that you chose The Pearl Girls for your genuine, cultured pearls! We have a passion for pearls and we love hand selecting these gems and hand-crafting your single pearl necklaces. Thank you for sharing your love with us!

If you want to get an original gift for your significant other, but you are not sure what type of jewelry she prefers, then loose pearls are an excellent option. We have prepared a few buying tips to help you make the best choice.

Loose pearls provide the recipient with the possibility to choose the desired jewelry piece to integrate the gemstones into. The size of the pearl is extremely important because it determines the variety of jewelry pieces it can be used for.

This medium size pearl can be used to make a stunning ring, a delicate necklace or even a charming earring set. This is the most versatile size of pearls because it can easily be adapted to fit any jewelry piece.

This is a large pearl that the recipient can use to make statement jewelry. Whether she prefers a ring, a necklace or a set of statement earrings, a pearl this size can be easily adapted to fit her wishes.

This is the largest pearl size we offer on our website. The Tahitian loose pearls in this size category can be used to create stunning statement jewelry. We guarantee that the woman wearing it will never go unnoticed.

A black pearl is an ideal choice for an elegant woman who enjoys taking part in social events and looking her best at all times. Black Japanese Akoya loose pearls are the perfect choice for formal jewelry pieces.

A Lavender pearl is the right choice of a sophisticated woman who always takes the time to make sure that her jewelry is properly matched to her clothes. This color offers the recipient the possibility of opting for both casual and formal jewelry to add the pearl too.

Designed with a super dainty pearl these gorgeous earrings are the perfect jewelry piece for any occasion. Easily worn as an everyday elegant piece or dressed up for an event, these earrings embody the essence of the modern and sophisticated woman.

Add-a-pearl necklaces can be selected with a yellow or white gold chain, with one three or five pearls. Individual pearls are purchased for $20 each. After 5 pearls are collected, we will restring the necklace. The necklace can be worn while collecting pearls. The goal is for the recipient to have a full strand of 6-6.5mm Akoya pearls finished with a yellow or white gold filigree pearl clasp. This is a special gift idea wonderful for birthdays, births, baptisms, holidays or anything to celebrate a young woman.

Each pearl type has its own pricing tiers, and much like diamonds, you can expect prices to increase exponentially with every millimeter size increase. The price difference between a 7.0-7.5mm Akoya pearl necklace, and a 9.0-9.5mm size is quite large.

Larger pearls require much more time acquiring thicker nacre layers in the host oyster, and the amount of risk, time and labor that goes into culturing a single 15.0mm fine quality South Sea pearl (for example) is quite a lot ... uses the A-AAA Grading Scale, which is a simple and straight forward grading system based upon specific percentages for attributes like surface blemishing, luster rating (the sharpness of reflections), color/overtone and shape, among others. The A-AAA scale is used most commonly with Akoya and Freshwater pearls, but also converts easily from the Tahitian and South Sea grading scales.

The deeper and more intense the luster is, the more valuable the pearl. Look for pearls that display reflected light sources as crisp, clean and delineated, with only slight blurring around the edges.

You should also be able to recognize some of your facial features reflected in the surface of the pearl. AAA quality pearls feature the best luster, AA+ quality pearls should have Very High luster and so on.

While Mikimoto definitely does carry beautiful quality pearls, doing a little bit of homework can save you THOUSANDS by avoiding the high premiums charged by luxury brands without sacrificing quality.

Holding a white baroque pearl, the Georgian-inspired hand earring features a blue stone detail, adding a sense of opulence to the cuff. This piece is a single earring but can be worn with other hoops for a more decadent ear stack. Discover the world of Harris Reed x Missoma with jewellery for everyone, embracing your individuality, acceptance and being fabulously who you are.

No one pearl will look the same, and that's the beauty of it. Each pearl is handpicked + completely unique. Evoke a look of pure elegance in Aspen Floral Earrings, embellished with lustrous freshwater pearls.

A pearl is an ulcer that is formed when an irritant, such as a parasite, enters an oyster, who responds by coating it with nacre (a crystalline substance that gives pearls their luster). Stress is what prompts an oyster to secrete nacre (just like stress worsens human ulcers).

Real pearls are a precious gemstone made by oysters, mussels and various other bivalve mollusk species. Most real pearls today are cultured or farmed, by inserting material into a mollusk, after which the mollusk lays down concentric layers of nacre until a pearl is formed. The iridescent nacre is the hallmark of a real pearl.

Fake pearls are made up of glass, ceramic, shell or plastic to give them the appearance of real pearls. This fake pearl is often painted and covered in a material that simulates a pearl-like luster and false iridescence. They are manufactured by humans to fool the human eye. 99% of fake pearls are low quality, only suitable for costume jewelry. While Mallorca or Majorica pearls are marketed as a high-end alternative to real cultured pearls.

Due to their rarity and size, South Sea pearls will carry the highest retail value. A perfectly round strand of South Sea pearls, with high luster and clean surface could retail for $100,000+ in a traditional luxury setting.

Rub the pearls gently across the front of your teeth. Do they feel gritty or have resistance? They may be real. This final test is usually all that is needed to spot even the best fakes vs. real pearls. If you don't want to rub the pearls against your teeth, you can rub two pearls together. If they're real you should still feel a subtle grittiness to them.

If you are looking for a simple pearl necklace in gold for you and your bridesmaids, this gold necklace with a single pearl is just right. This gold pearl necklace with a single pearl is created with soft glowing pearls, A delicate gold necklace design that can be used and can be worn on every occasion after the wedding, making it a beautiful bridesmaids gift and necklace for flower girls, and women for everyday wear.

This beautiful single pearl necklace in gold combines cubic zirconia accented bail, onto with a wire wrapped pearls in 8mm and 4mm, is decorated with a rhinestone separator. I have put this single pearl pendant onto a slim gold chain for a delicate look. The pearl necklace is available in two lengths, 16 inches, and 18 inches and both come with an additional 2 inches of extension chain to adjust the length to size. The necklace is available in a silver/rhodium finish, rose gold finish, and 14k gold finishes. The material used is brass plated. Pearls are available in white ivory and cream colors. Explore our complete range of gold jewelry to complete your wedding jewelry ensemble.MeasurementsPendant drop is 1 inch or 2.5 cms and its 8mm widelength of the necklace -Comes with 16 or 18-inch chain with a 2-inch extension. 041b061a72


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